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24/7 Full-Service Towing & Recovery Services in

Deer Park, IL


Covering all of Chicagoland

All your towing needs in one place, including cars, trucks, semi-tractors, box trucks, dump trucks, etc.

For any towing services needed from Heavy Duty Towing to Light Duty, make Sergeants your first call for help! We’re on call for you 24/7. Quickly and simply request a tow anywhere in the Chicagoland area by calling our dispatch office directly or by clicking on Book Now to request a tow online!

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Light Duty Towing

Light Duty Towing Service in Chicago, IL

Our rollback fleet are on the highways of Illinois every day. With our 19-ft and 21-ft flatbeds, we are able to transport a variety of different vehicle make and models as well as heavy equipment. We offer special tie downs, equipment for motorcycles and removable rails for wider loads. All of our flatbeds have low decks which helps prevent damage on low profile vehicles. We have all the right tools to handle your domestic, import, and antique classic vehicles.

Light Duty Vehicles

  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Vans
  • Minivans
  • Pick Up Trucks
  • Sports Utility Vehicles

Special Light Duty Services

  • Winch Outs
  • Accidents
  • Roll Overs
  • Vehicle Storage
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Heavy Duty Towing

We can tow anything, anywhere, anytime!

All your heavy duty towing needs in one place! We can tow any heavy or large vehicle, from a loaded tractor & trailer to a small box truck. Sergeants Towing is equipped to handle almost any heavy truck, equipment or machine.

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  • Semi Trucks, Bobtails, Tractor-Trailers
  • Reefers, Enclosed Trailers
  • Box Trucks, Straight Trucks
  • Dump Trucks, Boom Trucks
  • RV’s, Buses, Coach Buses
  • Construction Equipment

Heavy Duty Winching Service, Ditch Pull Outs

Learn more about Recovery & Winching Services.

Towing & Recovery Services

We are prepared to help in the event of rollovers, accidents, wrecks, bridge recovery, underwater recovery, stuck upon objects, and environmental clean-ups. After the recovery, we can store your wrecked or disabled vehicle in our secure storage facility until your insurance company is able to send an adjuster. We can recover any vehicle in any situation, and we will work closely with and bill all major insurance companies.

Tractor Swaps

This service is usually requested when a company semi tractor breaks down and has a loaded trailer, they will need another working tractor towed to the breakdown location to continue with the delivery.

Load Shifts & Transfers

This usually happens when a tractor trailer has an unsafe load, such as when the load is not strapped and secured in the proper way, or when a driver is forced to use the emergency brakes and causes the load to shift into the tractor. Load swaps, or unloading a trailer due to the trailer being damaged and unsafe to haul away, will require unloading the trailer and re-loading onto another trailer using forklifts. We are equipped to handle any scenario.

Semi Truck Decking & Un-Decking

Transportation companies usually call and request for a tow truck to unload units from their tractor trailers. This is usually done onsite at the dealerships. The are able to haul up to four tractors at a time, and are able to unload in multiple locations.

Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair

Mobile service for truck & trailers: We provide 24/7 emergency roadside service and repair. We can service anything from semi trucks, trailers, tractors, bobcats, and even industrial machinery or equipment. On-site service for welding, battery service, fuel service, suspension, brakes, drive lines, drive shafts, hydraulic hose replacement, jump starts, battery charging services, fuel delivery & priming, tire sales and service, and more!

Tire Sales & Service

24-Hour Emergency Response: We can service any truck or trailer onsite, whether it’s in a construction site or on the street or highway. We can also provide new or used tires and deliver them to you.

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tow truck service in chicago, mobile fleet service

Full Mobile Fleet Service

Tire Sales & Service

Got a flat tire? Tractor or trailer, don’t worry – we’re here to help. We stock almost all tire sizes, and we’ll come directly to your location to change your tire. Even if you just need air, we can provide that too!

If you know you don’t have a spare, make sure you tell our dispatcher so they can send the right size tire and get you back on the road in minutes.

More info on Mobile Tire Service

Jump Starts, Pull Starts

Semi-tractor not turning on? Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can start your semi right up again with our Mobile Road Service vehicle. We have the equipment to make any engine go from cold to hot within minutes of arriving to assist you.

Mobile Fueling & Priming

Did your semi-tractor, reefer or big rig run on fuel? Sergeants Towing can deliver up to 55 gallons of diesel fuel, priming & re-starting your vehicle in minutes. Equipped with a complete mobile full service vehicle, we are able to handle anything from a fuel delivery to a complete on-site truck repair.

Engine Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Sergeants offers onsite truck diagnostics, fault code troubleshooting & emergency response units. We are equipped & at the ready to scan any fault code whether it’s an engine code, transmissions, ABS, DEF, after treatment systems and more.

Lock-Out Service

Locked your keys in your car or semi?

This annoying but common occurrence can seem like a nightmare at first. Luckily, we make it easy by sending one of our trained professionals right to your vehicle. They can pop open the door, retrieve your keys, and get you back on your way. Make sure to let the dispatcher know if your car is in a dangerous situation so we can send help to you even faster.

Secure Storage

We can store your wrecked or disabled vehicle in our secure storage facility until your insurance company is able to send out an adjuster. We work with and directly bill all major insurance companies when the vehicle is stored in our impound facility.

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